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Latest market quotations for pesticides and intermediates

1 domestic market market monitoring of raw drugs and intermediates
At the end of the G20 summit and the Mid Autumn Festival, the manufacturers of crude drugs started to increase gradually, and the later products gradually started to store up. As for herbicides, the price of glyphosate was rebounded at the bottom of the price, the source of the goods was tight, and the multiple factors affecting the environmental protection were obvious. Whether the later market could be stable and mitigate, it was necessary to pay attention to the game between domestic and foreign trade demand and the start of the factory. Physical inventory is low, upstream manufacturers have gradually begun to talk about downstream customers, and the prelude to light storage has been gradually launched. Insecticide, chlorpyrifos original drug manufacturers gradually start a light storage, nicotine products, the source of pyrifirone original supply is still tight supply, abamectin series products also have a rebound trend, factory supply is tight. The varieties of fungicides and intermediates are relatively stable, but with the decrease of stocks, some products are in short supply. Manufacturers have gradually entered the parking repair phase, and later need to pay attention to the impact of manufacturers' driving time on the market.
Last week (12~18 September) international crude oil shock does not change, three benzene and basic raw materials, such as propylene series, phenol ketone, etc., all rebounded, low market stock, supply is partly blocked is the main cause, with the increase of the late drug manufacturers, the influence of such factors will gradually appear. Light storage work buffer period, the overall market operation rate slightly rebounded, the later industry should pay more attention to inventory, close attention to the changes in the market market for the original drugs and intermediates, seize the market low, expand the light storage work.
2 main market analysis and future market forecast
2.1 insecticide
Last week, abamectin and amamidin benzoate bounced stable. The manufacturer's stock was low and the price was firm. This week, the abamectin fine powder was 400 thousand yuan / ton, and methamidin benzoate was 600 thousand yuan / ton. Although the stock was tight, the production capacity of the upstream market was also seen in the later market. And the demand of downstream manufacturers and export markets.
The price of nicotine products is high, the domestic transaction is low, the export order is mainly, the market price of imidacloprid 96% is up to 98 thousand yuan per ton. The original drug of thiamazine is under the influence of the upstream intermediate supply, the quotation is at the high of 80 thousand yuan / ton, no stock, the acetamidine original medicine is maintained at 88 thousand yuan / ton, and the allimidamine original medicine is 128 thousand Yuan / ton demand is weak, but stocks are also low.
In the field of pyrethroid, the methyl acid methyl acid methyl ester and ether aldehyde continued to be reformed, the downstream manufacturers stopped to repair and the market was disadvantaged; the high performance cyhalothrin original drug was 138 thousand yuan / ton, and the original biphenyl ester was 173 thousand yuan / ton, and the perchlorobenzene oil fell to 30 thousand yuan / ton, and the later chrysanthemum products were mainly in stock.
Organic phosphorus products, ethyl chloride stable at about 15 thousand yuan / ton, chlorpyrifos original drug stock low, manufacturer light storage, firm price, price to 25 thousand and 500 yuan / ton; malathion original drug production capacity is more concentrated, the price is stable at 17 thousand and 500 yuan / ton; phoxim crude drug fell to 24 thousand and 500 yuan / ton, manufacturer's price competition competition At present, with the release of organic phosphorus insecticides, the volume of organic phosphorus has gradually increased.
Fipronil is currently low in stock, and its price rebounds to 380 thousand yuan / ton, with high content of goods being tight. The manufacturers of the drug have gradually stopped, and the supply is still tight, and the price has remained above 130 thousand yuan / ton. The season of drug consumption is close to the end. Supply of goods is eased, replenishment is reduced, and prices remain within 138 thousand yuan / ton. The market value of fipronil and ebzole is similar to that of spironolactone, and the market is slow down with the end of the season. The first dose of fipronil is 180 thousand yuan / ton, and the drug is 270 thousand yuan / ton, and the propargite is 38 thousand yuan / ton.
2.2 herbicide
The price of glyphosate has been rebounded at the bottom of the price, the source of the goods is tight and the stock is protected by many factors, such as environmental protection. Whether the later market is stable and relieved, it is necessary to pay attention to the game between domestic and foreign trade demand and the construction of the factory. Volume amplification, affected by the reduction of inventory, the current price is stable at 118 thousand yuan / ton, and the supply of goods is tight. The fast running rate of the plant is stable, and the raw material runs smoothly, maintaining at 42 thousand yuan / ton. The export of trifluralin decreased to 30,000 yuan/ton, while the export of trifluralin was the main one, and the quotation was maintained at 86,000/ton. The selective herbicide was slack in the light season, 167 thousand yuan per ton, 117 thousand yuan per ton for the original medicine of nitramononone, and 18 thousand yuan per ton for the atrazine original medicine.
The herbicide of amides is stable, the original medicine of acetochlor is 20 thousand yuan per ton, the original medicine of propranamide is 24 thousand and 500 yuan / ton, the original medicine of propiamine is 24 thousand yuan / ton, and the original medicine of propionic amine is 35 thousand and 500 yuan / ton.
Oxofloxacin is subject to export orders, and supplies are tight. The offer is raised to 128 thousand yuan / ton, but domestic demand is generally. The demand for export of the crude drug is generally quoted at 120 thousand yuan / ton. Two methyl amyl, 2 a 4 hydrogen sodium salt and other products, the drug season ended, but the two methylene blue raw drug stock is low, reported 48 thousand yuan / ton, 2 a 4 chlorine sodium salt of 19 thousand yuan / ton. The end of the season for the use of the drug was maintained at 55 thousand yuan / ton. The supply of cyanofflux is still limited due to the limited supply of upstream intermediates, and the market price is 190 thousand yuan / ton.
The remaining varieties were mainly stable, and the quetiapine was 140 thousand yuan / ton, and the grass killing Songyuan medicine dropped to 66 thousand yuan /

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